Gautam Kumar

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       NACHOS - Toy Operating System.
         Build a nascent operating system with limited functianlities of a real OS. The project was based on NACHOS source code, 
         a familiar  experiment by UC Berkeley.  Know more about Nachos here...
       Led Counter.

         Wrote a Linux device driver module for tweaking the keyboard LED's in the form of counter from 1 to 8.
       Real Chat Application.
Developed an application with similar functionality as Google Talk in C. Uses the Multithreading concept to attached the
         chat clients with threaded server process.

       Instant Search Application:
         Developed an instanct search application using trie in C++ for a small database.

       Simple Integer Language(SIL) Compiler.
       Engineered a compiler for a simple & strongly typed language(SIL) running on a hypothetical  machine based on the MIPS
         machine architecture using Lex and Yacc.

       Simple Database Management system.
         Created modules of a simple database managment system based on UW madison's minirel.

       E-books: Online shoping website for books.
         Developed the prototype of a PHP-MySQL based website which could be used to sell & buy books online
         Developed a C Program for Tic-Tac-Toe game based on heuristic computation.

          Microsoft India  (May - Jul , 2010)
          Developed a web application called CRM based on three layer architecture (MVC) using Silverlight, LINQ, SQL Server.

      Other work
          Codechef Participated in Codechef Best Gloabal Rank 650, Country Rank 350 on May 2012