Gautam Kumar

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Research Interests:

     Operating systems, Theoretical Computer Science - Algorithms and Complexity Analysis, Discrete Mathematics and probablity, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.

Research Work:

Dynamic Load Balancing Through Live Migration of Virtual Machines

Supervisor: Prof. Madhu Kumar S.D., NIT Calicut

Devised and implemented an algoritm for load balancing based on live migration of virtual machines. Modified the XEN source code to support the load balancing through migration of Virtual Machines on the basis of global load information and tested this implementaion on a cluster of sixteen nodes.  [Reference]

K nearest neighbours of query point 

          Supervisor: Prof. Madhu Kumar S.D., NIT Calicut

          Implemented a prototype of the problem, which returns the given number of points closest to the query point based on
          euclidian distance from dataset.

          Cloud Computing for Mobile World      

          Supervisor: Prof: Madhu Kumar S.D., NIT Calicut

          A literature survey on the current status of Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) and analysed it's shortcomings.


          Multicommodity Max-Flow Min-Cut Theorem and Their Use in Designing Approximation Algorithms

          Supervisor: Assistant Prof Jasine Babu, NIT Calicut

          Study of max-flow min-cut theorem in case of multicommodity where max-flow is within an O(log n) factor of the upper bound
          implied by min-cut.